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[aka ClimateAdam]

Throughout my life, I have always taken great pleasure in both creative expression and technical understanding.  I pursued academia through an undergraduate in Physics and a doctorate in Atmospheric Physics - both at the University of Oxford.  My thesis focused on applying techniques from medical imaging to better understand how rainfall patterns will change as a result of global warming.

While undertaking my degrees I also began multiple creative projects, including amateur radio and professional theatre photography. Most notably, during my doctorate I started my climate change YouTube channel, ClimateAdam.  Since graduating from my degree, I have continued to expand this channel, while working on other scientific podcasts, films and writing.

I have worked as a science journalist and communicator for a number of publications, including the Guardian, PBS, and Nature, where I co-hosted the award-winning Nature Podcast for over three years.

My work has taken me to multiple locations.  These include Colombia for a self-shot documentary, the USA to report on gravitational waves, and Poland to report on climate negotiations.

I continue to work on scientific and climate focused video and audio as producer, director and presenter.  The range of my work led to my nomination as Best Newcomer at the 2017 Association of British Science Writers' Awards.

If you'd like to work together, please do reach out using the Contact Form on this site (or below).

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