Science presenter, reporter and climate communicator
Berlin // London

I am a doctor in atmospheric physics (University of Oxford) now focussed on communicating complex scientific ideas with engaging multimedia stories.  I discuss climate change through my accessible, award-winning YouTube channel, ClimateAdam, and produce scientific podcasts and videos for a number of platforms.

I am now freelance, working for a variety of scientific and climate organisations and publications.  Previously, I worked for over three years at Nature, where I co-hosted the award-winning Nature Podcast.

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Falling Walls Interviewing

With years of experience covering the entire spectrum of science, I am as fluid on camera hosting live events as I am with scripted scientific content.


From round tables to immersive packages, I have worked as audio producer, host, interviewer and interviewee. I have even created several podcast series from scratch.

Adam peering through camera

I have produced a broad range of scientific films, ranging from documentaries to animations, on topics from quantum computing to the reintegration of


I have written on science and the environment for a number of publications in a variety of styles, including both news and comment pieces.


ClimateAdam is an award-winning YouTube channel dedicated to explaining complex ideas around climate change in playful and engaging ways.



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